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The environMENTAL project ( is excited to extend an invitation to you and members of the DZPG to participate in a thought-provoking event on public participation in mental health research.


We know that the environment we live in can influence how we feel and have repercussions for our mental health. However, we do not always understand in detail which environmental factors have specific consequences or how environmental influences can shape our mental health.


The environMENTAL project, a €10 million, 5-year EU-funded project aims to further our understanding of these questions. It brings together a large international consortium of experts from fields ranging from neuroscience and psychiatry to data science, satellite data, meteorology. The project works on combining large datasets to better understand influencing factors and pathways from the environment to mental health. Please find a summary below. As part of the project, we have consulted with citizens and other stakeholders to better understand public perceptions and the role of lived experience in this type of research.


This event will bring together experts from the environMENTAL project with relevant subject expertise as well as citizens and stakeholder to discuss the current state of the art. It will reflect on possible avenues that the project can take but also on broader questions with regards to research culture, funding and policy that can influence current and future research. The discussion will welcome interventions from members of the public to help us understand how best to proceed to ensure the alignment of scientific excellence and societal relevance.



Dezember 3 @ 13:00
13:00 — 15:00 (2h)

Online, Vor Ort