[BApK] Together you are less alone. Video series against loneliness

The new video series of the BApK shows best practice models against loneliness.

Relatives are particularly at risk of loneliness: during the first phase of the disease, they are usually mentally as well as organizationally occupied around the clock with the consequences. Due to shame, lack of time or both, personal contacts become less, hobbies are no longer cultivated and work performance often suffers under one’s own stress – which often leads to conflicts with colleagues.



presents in its new video series initiatives in which people face the problem of loneliness together and go new ways together.

The first two videos inform about the
Neighborhood Living Project Dormagen
and the
work of the Cologne self-help association Rat und Tat e. V.


you will find the recording of the lecture on the topic of loneliness and its consequences for physical and mental health by Prof. Dr. med Steffi Riedle-Heller (Director of the Institute for Social Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Public Health, University Hospital Leipzig) from 14.06.2023 (duration: 66 minutes).