The BAGP is a professional-political working group of regional independent patient centers.
In terms of association law, it is based on the Gesundheits-Akademie e. V. as a non-profit supporting association.

In addition to the main brochure “Patients’ Rights & Doctors’ Duties,” BAGP also publishes brief information on various topics:

BAGP | Status: May 2022 | 68 pages

The medical education
BAGP-Info 4 | Status: January 2022

Right to inspect the patient file
BAGP-Info 5 | Status: January 2022

Attention dentures
BAGP-Info 6 | Status: January 2023

Tips for finding a lawyer
BAGP-Info 8 | Status: March 2018

People with disabilities (regardless of the type) can claim so-called disadvantage compensation as compensation for the disadvantages caused by the disability. Examples include tax breaks, separate parking spaces, discounts on buses and trains, additional leave, protection against dismissal at work, …

The disadvantage compensation depends on the characteristic signs and the degree of disability (GdB). Both, mark and GdB, are registered in the severely disabled person’s identity card.
The website has two very good overviews of the disadvantage compensations available:

There are also compensations for disadvantages in schools, technical colleges and universities, and in vocational training:

A disability will is a testamentary disposition drawn up in particular by parents of disabled children and containing special rules relating to the disabled child.

The aim of this disposition is to provide the heir with full state support despite his inheritance, without having to use the inherited assets for this purpose.

The disability will

Inheritance for the benefit of disabled people
bvkm | Status: March 2018

The disability will in simple language

For children who cannot care for themselves because of a disability, the state pays child benefits for life. So you get the child benefit even if the child is already an adult.

The requirements are:

  1. The disability occurred before the child’s 25th birthday.
  2. The child cannot provide for his or her own support. For example, because it can not work because of his disability.

On the website of the Bundesverband für körper- und mehrfachbehinderte Menschen e. V. (bvkm) you will find an information sheet on child benefits for adult children with disabilities.

You will also find sample appeals in case of rejection. There are also tips on how you can prevent child support from being diverted by authorities.

The Mental Health Assistance Act (PsychKHG for short) sets out binding requirements for community-based and needs-based care for people with a mental illness or disability.

It also strengthens the rights of patients and their families. It entered into force on January 1, 2015.

Mental Health Assistance Act (PsychKHG) Baden-Württemberg Status: December 21, 2022

PsychKHG Baden-Württemberg in simple language

People with disabilities in particular need adequate insurance coverage. Its design is not always easy. In many areas, special regulations apply that require some explanation.

The linked brochure, provides an overview of the relevant insurance lines and insurance products and is dedicated to the specifics that need to be considered.

Insurance coverage for people with disabilities and their dependents

Guide to Psychiatry in Baden-Württemberg
Status: April 2020

The directory provides an up-to-date overview of the facilities and services for mentally ill and mentally disabled people.

Self-help and civic engagement offerings are also included.