Our selection of books and media does not claim to be complete. Rather, we understand the overview as a recommendation for relatives of mentally ill people.

A guidebook for relatives of mentally ill people

Parents of children and adults with mental illness are extremely challenged, and usually for years. Janine Berg-Peer specifically addresses the many challenges they face. The knowledge and serenity she has after twenty years of experience as a mother affected herself, she wants to pass on to other parents and help them improve their situation and quality of life.

Her guidebook shows: Despite the great stress, it is possible to deal with the disease without completely wearing yourself out. If parents gain a different attitude towards the illness and set a course early on to avoid self-sacrifice, permanent in-care and their own illness, they can regain a zest for life.

Author: Janine Berg-Peer
Publisher: Kösel-Verlag; 4th Edition (November 2, 2015)
Softcover: 208 pages
ISBN-10: 9783466346172


When mom was just sad
When a parent suffers from depression

Authors: Anja Möbest, Barbara Korthues
Publisher: Coppenrath
Softcover: 32 pages


Daddy’s soul has a cold

Author: Claudia Gliemann
Illustrator: Nadia Faichney
Publisher: Monterosa Publishing House
Hardcover edition: 62 pages



Mamas Püschose
Explain psychosis to children

Author: Karen-Susan Fessel
Illustrator: Heribert Schulmeyer
BALANCE Book + Media Publishing House
Hardcover edition: 40 pages


Mama, Mia and the Skid Program
Explaining Borderline to Children

Authors: Christiane Tilly, Anja Offermann
Illustration: Anika Merten
BALANCE Book + Media Publishing House
Softcover: 40 pages

Bipolar disorder:

Fog days, glitter days
Explaining bipolar disorder to children

by Karen-Susan Fessel, Heidi Kull
BALANCE Book + Media Publishing House
Softcover: 40 pages



The beggar queen
Explaining schizophrenia to children

This lovingly and humorously told urban fairy tale makes a mental illness understandable for children without causing horror.

Irene Stratenwerth, Thomas Bock
BALANCE Book + Media Publishing House
Softcover: 132 pages