Patients’ rights & physicians’ duties (incl. special features of the rights of mentally ill people)

Health is our most valuable asset. We often only become aware of this when we become (mentally) ill and are dependent on medical or therapeutic help.

Patients have extensive rights when dealing with doctors and therapists. It is important to know the rights and options to which you are entitled. Because: only those who know their rights can also demand and realize them! From the English philosopher Francis Bacon comes the appropriate saying here: Knowledge is power.

But what are these rights in detail?

The FederalWorking Group of PatientsAssociations(


) has been publishing a brochure called Patients’ Rights & Doctors’ Duties for years. The BAGP is a professional-political working group of regional independent patient centers.

A chapter is also devoted to the specifics of the rights of people with mental illness. The information contained in the brochure is equally interesting and relevant for patients and their relatives – because: almost every patient has relatives and every relative will also become a patient at some point. In addition, many relatives care for and look after people who are close to them.

Download: PATIENT RIGHTS & DOCTORS’ DUTIES (BAGP | New Edition May 2022 | 68 pages).
Informed and strengthened to the doctor | to the hospital | to the health insurance company | in case of suspected medical malpractice

For a nominal fee of 4 euros, the brochure can be ordered from the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Patient*innenstellen (BAGP): BAGP – Astallerstr. 14 – 80339 Munich | Phone: 089 – 76 75 51 31 | E-mail: | Internet:

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