Recreation and vacation for family caregivers: counseling and support services

Caring for loved ones takes a lot of strength and stamina. This makes it all the more important to be able to switch off occasionally. Lack of time off benefits neither the person in need of care nor the family caregiver.

There are two offers for family caregivers when they need time off: prevention care and short-term care. Even those who are not absent for care because of vacation, but because of an illness or a preventive or rehabilitation measure, can use the prevention and short-term care.

Preventive or substitute care (vacation or sickness replacement)
The person in need of care can hire trusted people, such as relatives, friends, neighbors or a care service to replace the absent caregiver. For this purpose, the nursing care insurance funds provide up to 1,612 euros per calendar year for up to six weeks.

Prerequisite: The person in need of care must be classified at least in care level 2 and have already been cared for by the caregiver in the home environment for six months. The amount can be increased by up to 806 euros from unused funds for short-term care. The entitlement to short-term care is then reduced by this amount. In addition, half of the care allowance received up to the time of the preventive care will continue to be paid.

Short-term care
Respite care is temporary inpatient care for individuals who are normally cared for in the home environment by their family members. Short-term care can also be used by all those in need of care from care level 2. The person in need of care is then temporarily cared for in a short-term care facility. The nursing care insurance fund pays up to 1,774 euros for a maximum of eight weeks per calendar year. This amount can be increased by the unused funds for preventive care – i.e. up to 1,612 euros. A maximum of 3,386 euros is therefore available here per calendar year. The costs for room and board in the facility are not covered by the long-term care insurance. However, half of the care allowance received during the stay in short-term care will continue to be paid. This can be used, for example, for the costs incurred.

Personal advice from care support points
Interested parties should obtain information and advice at an early stage. It can take four to six weeks to organize preventive care or find a short-term care place.
At the care support centers in Baden-Württemberg, you will receive personal advice tailored to your individual life situation on all topics related to the need for care, as well as support in selecting and claiming social benefits and support services.

All urban and rural districts in Baden-Württemberg have care support points with regional locations and offer advice close to home, individually, independent of the provider and free of charge.

you can find a care support point near you.