We would like to thank all members who came to Stuttgart for the general meeting

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We would like to thank all members who came to the general meeting in Stuttgart and elected us for another two years as the board team! The personal meetings with you were valuable for us and motivated us for our further work.

Indeed, May 13, 2023, marks a watershed: With your approval, we have adopted new
Articles of Association
which fits better into our time and which describes our way of working as a board as we have already lived it, as a team. What our new logo describes so beautifully also applies to us: we stand up for each other because we are connected to each other, and together we can achieve what one person alone cannot.

We have set ourselves a lot of goals: We want to be helpful to you, the individual members, especially with the possibilities offered by our new website. We want to strengthen your self-help groups so that relatives of mentally ill people can continue to find contact persons in their vicinity. We want to encourage and enable you to take on tasks in your communities so that our concerns have a voice there. And we want to continue to grow because, as an association with 1000 members, we have more weight at the state level.

“There’s something moving here, there’s something in the air” sings David Floyd in the official song of the Green Ribbon. That’s right. Let us all be carried along and inspired …

Your LV BW ApK – Board Team