[BApK] “It just feels good not to feel alone!”

“Projects against loneliness ” – under this heading, the Federal Association of Relatives of People with Mental Illness (


) reports in its videos on initiatives and associations that are particularly concerned with the problem of isolation in connection with mental illness.

The focus of the new video is the online reaction


. Nele Riepenhusen, head of the project, summarizes the goals as follows:

“Talking about mental illness is not easy. Neither for those affected nor for relatives – and many young people in particular experience stigmatization when they talk openly about their situation.

That’s why we launched the “Locating-Your-Soul” project. We want to give young people a platform where they can share their experiences and feelings. The editors determine the form of their creative content themselves: in addition to texts, there are also dance and video projects that can be seen on our website and on our Instagram channel: @locating.your.soul.”

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